Examinations: changes for Summer 2021

Examinations: changes for Summer 2021

Important changes

Please click here to view the announcement on 3rd December regarding Exams Summer 2021- Department for Education 

Examinations: changes for Summer 2021

Important changes have been made concerning the summer 2021 examination series. The dates of the exams themselves have changed, as have the dates of the two results days in August. It is very important that students know about these changes well in advance and that they know exactly what to expect.

Despite the full or partial cancellation of exams in Wales and Scotland, there are no similar plans for England. In line with Department for Education announcements, we are, therefore, planning for a full programme of summer exams. Each examination board re-published new summer 2021 timetables during November and these are marked as “final”: as we know from the last few months, circumstances can change, though we are not, however, expecting further changes.

Year 11: Summer 2021: written exams to start and finish later

• GCSEs (& other level 2 exams) have been moved back by approximately three weeks: almost all GCSE exams will take place between Monday 7th June and Friday 2nd July, though a small number will take place in May during the week before half-term.

• One English (26th May) and one maths (27th May) exam will take place in the week before half-term, but the vast majority of exams will take place after half-term.

• Please note that GCSE Physics will take place on Friday 2nd July: this will involve virtually all students in Year 11.

• Practical exams, as usual, will be completed in advance of written exams and certainly before the week beginning Monday 24th May.

• The requirements for practical assessments have been changed in several subjects, especially where group work was previously involved: these should be checked carefully.

• The content and structure of most written exams remains unchanged but, in a small number of subjects, some important adjustments have been made, eg History and English Literature.

• Details of such changes will be made known through the relevant faculties and through subject teachers.


If you wish to read the decisions reached by Ofqual regarding 2021 GCSE and A-Level assessment, it was published in August and can be found at


The decision to delay the exams was taken in October and further details concerning this decision can be found at


August: Results Days delayed

Because the exams have been shifted, results days have also been moved back and both GCSE and A-Level results will be released during the last week of August.

Year 13: students will now receive their results on Tuesday 24th August
Year 11: students will now receive their results on Friday 27th August

As there will be less time for higher and further education places to be confirmed and enrolment processes to take place, it is more important than ever, that students are available when the results are issued. Please also note that Monday 30th August is a bank holiday.

Exam rules and regulations

There are no changes to the rules and regulations which govern all exams and external assessments and it is important that students follow the rules closely as set out by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ).

• A summary of exam regulations is attached - click here

Entries and timetables

Exam entries are finalised in February and students will receive a copy of their individual entries: individual student exam timetables will follow in the second half of the spring term.

Any further questions

Questions about subject content or the details of particular exams should be raised with subject teachers or the relevant faculty leader.
Questions about the more general administration of exams should be raised with the examinations office: exams@netherhall.school.org

Richard Wilson and Geraldine Cornwell
Exams Office