Anglian Learning - Achievement through Inspiring, Caring and Enriching.

Anglian Learning will be committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for all young people in our care, so that we can be confident that they leave our community of schools:

•  having achieved their full potential, both academically and socially
•  having developed a passion for life-long learning
•  having developed the skills and attributes that will enable them to live successful and fulfilled lives,
    making a valuable contribution to our wider society, as global citizens

The following core values will underpin all our work:

•  Pursuit of excellence – raising the aspirations and achievement of all students
•  Outstanding care and support for all – ensuring all young people are able to thrive, especially the
   vulnerable and disadvantaged
•  Inclusion - a commitment to meeting the needs of all students
•  Relationship driven approach to learning – establishing trusting learning communities
•  Collaboration – ensuring that best practice is identified and shared across the family of schools,
   drawing on expertise both from within schools and from external partners
•  Individuality – institutions will retain their own identity, meeting the needs of their local community,
   underpinned by common trust-wide values
•  The use of technology - ensuring the rapid and sustained progress of all students, harnessing the
   support of parents and external stakeholders

Mr Chris Tooley 

Trust Appointed 
Mrs Shelley Monk (Chair)
Mrs Claire Jefferey
Mrs Rachel Calder
Mr Paul Bullen-Smith
Miss Ellie Wood

Parent Elected
Mrs Nicky Odgers
Mr Gilles Monniaux
Mr Kit Temple

Staff Elected
Mr Rob Driscoll


Dr Kerrie Jones

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