Homework plays a vital role in consolidating and extending learning beyond the classroom.

Regular homework encourages our students to work independently and it establishes effective study and work habits. 

Classwork and Homework

There is a strong link between active participation in class and homework. Homework encourages deeper reflection and should motivate the students to think for themselves, review their learning and consolidate their understanding. 

Homework will generally be linked to the topic currently being studied in class and may require students to revise or learn subject content, apply their knowledge by tackling a longer task such as an exam style question or undertake some research or ‘pre-learning’ ahead of tackling a new topic area. 

Setting, Recording and Monitoring Homework

Homework will be set online via the school data system. Here teachers will record homework instructions, attach resources and additional materials to support the homework tasks and set clear deadlines by which homework needs to be completed. 

Students and their parents and carers will be able to access homework tasks by visiting the school website and under ‘Remote Access’, selecting either ‘Student Intranet’ or ‘Parent Intranet’ and using their usual school login details in the dialogue box that appears there. Alternatively the direct link is: https://students.netherhall.org 

Students can expect to receive regular homework; this will be weekly for the core subjects of English, Maths and Science and fortnightly for the other subject areas.

Students in Key Stage Three should spend approximately 30 minutes on each homework task and those in Key Stage Four, approximately 60 minutes.

Subject teachers will set appropriate deadlines for homework tasks to be completed in and will monitor the completion of these tasks.

Homework will be acknowledged by teachers in a variety of ways, either through simply checking homework during the lesson, requiring students to use their homework to make an active contribution to the lesson, asking students to self or peer asses their work or by marking it. 

Study space

We encourage students to make use of the school library at lunchtimes and after school and our extensive ICT facilities are also readily accessible. 

Supporting homework at home

We hope that parents and carers will take an interest in their child's work and use the intranet to check that homework is being done. It will also help your child if you can provide a quiet place in which for them to complete their homework. 

The school believes that regular homework is an important part of learning. We also encourage students to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle that includes opportunities for leisure activities.

Supporting your child to organise and manage their out of school commitments, including homework, will help students to develop resilience and maintain an active and balanced lifestyle.

We recognise that balancing homework with evening meals, leisure activities and other commitments can be demanding and always try to help where we can.