The Netherhall School has an equal opportunities admissions policy. The two main age entry points of admission to the school are at 11+ and at 16+.

The telephone number for admission enquiries for Year 6–7 transitions is: 01223 699 200

The telephone number for other years is: 01223 699 662

The email address is:

At age 11

Up to 180 students are admitted in each year 7 intake.

Parents living within the City of Cambridge receive a preference form in the autumn term before admission and return the form to the central admissions office. Parents living in other areas need to request a preference form.

Alternatively, applications can be sent online. All details are given in the preference form pack supplied by the central admissions team.

Please note: Students who join midway through KS4 may be required to move back a year to give them the best opportunity of success in the terminal examinations.  This may still be the case if GCSE courses have already been started at other institutions but whose choices do not match our curriculum or timetable.   

Please find detailed information regarding the admissions procedure and criteria for selection of students in the case of oversubscription on the following links:  Next Steps and In year Application Guide

At age 16+

Students apply to The Oakes College at Netherhall using the Cambridge Area Partnership application form, or through an online application.

A separate Sixth Form prospectus is available for post-16 students. Please contact the Sixth Form office on 01223 242931 ext 216.


Q.  What should I do if I have any concerns about my child's progress or welfare?

A.  In the first instance, contact your child's Form Tutor or Year Leader. 
     Call the school office on 01223 242931 or email

Q. Can parents and students visit the school prior to making an application?

A. You are most welcome to arrange a visit to the school by appointment. 
     Please contact the school office on 01223 242931   

Admission Policy Year 12 for September 19 - 20