Year 7 Students become Solar Buddies

Year 7 Students become Solar Buddies

Year 7 students at The Netherhall School are the first in the UK to participate in an international environmental and educational project.

SolarBuddy is a registered Australian charity dedicated to educating and empowering the next generation to change the lives of children living in energy poverty through its innovative school education and corporate engagement programs.

Following a fundraising non-uniform day and a donation from ARM, students received the SolarBuddy solar light assembly kit and education pack.  As part of their Geography lessons on the topic of sustainability, they have learnt about solar technology and how energy can be created from the sun.  They have also learnt about energy poverty and how a solar light can change a life.  In groups, they have assembled their SolarBuddy light, which will be distributed to students in communities living in energy poverty.  The Netherhall students have written a personal letter to their ‘buddy’, which will be sent together with the light.

Kat McCartney, the Geography teacher who has been coordinating this programme, says, “This has been a very exciting and inspiring project.  The students have all worked hard learning about the issues, making the lights and writing the letters.”  Chris Tooley, Principal of The Netherhall School, added, “We are proud to be the first UK school to take part in this international project.  It is so important in this day and age that we all realise our responsibilities as global citizens.  Our students have done a great job in supporting the wonderful work of SolarBuddy.  We are also very grateful for the generous donation from ARM which has facilitated this project.”

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