Updated Information

Updated Information

25 March 2020

Dear Parents, carers and students,

A joint communication today!

The types of work being set

Today we have made some significant progress with planning for online provision after Easter.  Initially our aim has been to ensure that students have sufficient work to be keeping busy.  However, it now appears that the current situation is likely to continue for a number of weeks after Easter and we are aware that students will become fatigued with the same diet of work.


Our aim will be to increase the variety of activities.  Mixing together:

Traditional research projects
Worksheet / question approaches
Extended writing
Narrated PowerPoints which can be downloaded and played at any point in time
Live lessons where students will be asked to join a group at a specific point in time and to attend a lesson given by a subject teacher.

As you can imagine, this is a real challenge for our teaching staff but there is a real willingness to make learning as varied as possible.


Ensuring that work is being completed


We know from teachers’ comments that they are having many interactions with students about the work set and that they have received large amounts of questions and contacts.  However, we are also concerned that some may be doing more than others for a variety of reasons.  Failing to complete the work will have a serious impact on students’ ability to get back into lessons when school reopens.


As such, form tutors and mentors from Years 7-10 will be getting in touch with each family (using email) to check on how things are going at home and to assure us that sufficient interaction with the work is taking place.  It will also be an opportunity for you to raise any questions and to keep the link with your key Netherhall teachers / support staff going.


And finally…


Advanced warning for Year 11 students that we will be sending out a message on Friday with specific details on the awarding of grades for GCSE and directions of how they should now be using their time most effectively.


With very best wishes,


Chris Tooley


The Netherhall School and Oakes College Cambridge

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