Information for Key Worker Parents/Carers

Information for Key Worker Parents/Carers

Provision for Students

Dear Parents and Carers,

Provision for key worker staff during the spring 2020 ‘school closure’

Thank you for registering for a place within our Key Worker provision.  This letter sets out to share how the provision will work from 23rd March 2020.

Firstly, please be mindful of the government advice about the use of social distancing to limit the rate of transmission of COVID-19 by only using this provision when absolutely necessary. Also, if you are working a late shift please use the provision judiciously to keep our limited places free for the children of key workers on early shifts. 

As a rule, students should only be present with us during your working hours and where there is no other alternative.

All students attending the school will follow the normal expectations of the school in terms of both their behaviour and uniform.  Specifically, mobile phones will not be allowed between the hours of 8.40am and 3.05pm.

The provision will be based in the Oakes rooms in the Atrium building at the top of the site and will run from 8am until 3.15pm.  Analysis of the requests showed no requirement for a 6pm finish. If you wish to drop your child at school please, carefully, use the playground entrance and drive up to the top playground.  Here you will be able to park and walk them into the main entrance to the Atrium Foyer to sign in.  Unless otherwise advised, student will be released at 3.05pm.

If your child is not coming to school (as they have fallen unwell or you have made other arrangements) we would ask that you email the school using the email address to inform us of their non-attendance.

The main provision will be delivered in room 02, a computer suite. Where possible we will ensure that the students are not sat next to each other (social distancing) with a computer station between each child, however, we cannot guarantee this precaution.

The nature of the provision will mirror the work being carried out by other students at their homes and will follow the normal school timetable of lessons with breaks and lunchtimes.
If your child is in receipt of a free school meal, we will provide a lunch from our Oakes Café. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide a hot meal.

If you child is not in receipt of a free school meal please ensure that they bring sufficient food and drink for the duration of their time in school. We will provide drinking water, but we cannot offer a canteen service where children would be able to purchase food or drink. Children will not be allowed off site during breaks and lunch to buy food from the local shops.

The children will have recreational space on the playground between the Davies building and the Soyinka building – the rest of the school site will be out of bounds for the duration of this provision.  We will also utilise the table tennis tables in our Atrium hall.

Due to the very limited number of staff available we will not be able to open the whole school or access the normal range of rooms and school spaces as we would during term time. There will not be any practical lessons during this time, this includes PE, Art and technology lessons, so there will be no need to pack PE kit. However, a number of staff are directing students to websites with sound, so you child may use personal headphones, if appropriate for their learning. To limit the spread of COVID-19 the school will not be providing headphones for children to use.

I do need to stress that this provision will not be ‘teaching’, rather, it is supervision to enable key workers to continue in their roles. The staff on duty will vary from day to day, some may be teachers, others support staff or volunteers. All staff used will hold full DBS certificates.  They will ensure students are safe and are able to access their work. However, students will be able to contact their teachers through the school email system in the same manner as their peers who are working from home.

If a student falls ill during the day they will be moved away from the group and we will contact home for them to be collected. Please do ensure that a student is not sent to school if they are in any way unwell and that the school is notified through the process described above.
Please bear in mind that the school staff running this provision are themselves keyworkers. We want to limit the numbers of staff needed to support these sessions.

Finally, we will review all requests and confirm places by the close of school each Friday through an online questionnaire. If circumstances change and levels of staff available to lead this provision fall, we will look to combine provision at specified school sites. Should this become necessary, we will let you know about how this will be arranged including how travel to a different school will be supported.

We understand this is a challenging time for everyone, but we assure you of our continued commitment to supporting your children’s learning and wellbeing.

We would like to thank all our staff, volunteers and governors who have helped in recent days to keep our school open, and who will continue to so over the coming weeks. We would also like to thank you for your continued support and understanding during this very challenging period.

Please continue to visit the school website , Twitter @netherhall and our Facebook page to keep up to date with the arrangements we are making.

Kind regards,

Chris Tooley      

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