Letter to Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/carers


As is typical for this time of year, there have been a number of children who have been off school this week with “flu like symptoms”. Some of these students have been tested for Covid 19 (Coronavirus) this week. I am pleased to say that, to date, all of these tests have returned as negative.


We are, of course,  aware that many of our students and parents are anxious about this situation but please be mindful that many thousands of people have been tested in the UK and only 15 have been tested as positive. None to date in Cambridgeshire.  Those tested as positive appear to be recovering well and there have been no reported fatalities in the UK to date.


Please remind you sons/daughters about hygiene practices. We have displayed posters around the school to remind and encourage our students to follow these guidelines and our advice remains in line with Public Health England which advises that pupils should return to school, unless they are showing symptoms similar to the coronavirus or cold or flu-like symptoms.


I hope that this message serves to reassure you that all necessary steps are being taken and that we continue to be vigilant.


Chris Tooley


Netherhall School and The Oakes College Cambridge

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