Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

RPE is an approach to Religious Education where students learn both about and from beliefs, cultures and traditions.
At the Netherhall School we study a variety of religious and non religious views, we attempt to answer ultimate questions and we tackle ethical issues on both a personal and global level.

How learning is organised
RPE is taught in accordance with the Locally Agreed Syllabus.  In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in balanced mixed ability groups. In each year students study one religion topic, one philosophy topic and one ethics topic.
RPE key skills
• Discussion and debate
• Critical thinking skills
• Analysis
• Evaluation
• Reflection
• Problem solving

Years 7, 8 and 9
The course covers the major world faiths and explores belief and spirituality. 
In year 7 students explore the key questions:
• What can we know about God?
• How does Islam encourage obedience to God?
• How does Sikhism promote Equality?
In year 8 students explore the key questions:
• How should criminals be punished?
• How does faith influence practice?
• Does God exist?
In year 9 students explore the key questions:
• How did the Shoah affect Jewish faith?
• Is there life after death?
• How can we live ethically?

Years 10 and 11
Students can opt to take the GCSE Religious Studies full course – AQA. They will study a range of different key beliefs, practices and themes including relationships and families, peace and conflict and worship. In line with Department for Education legislation these components will all be studied from a Christian and Muslim perspective. There is scope to include non-religious ideas and there is opportunity for students to share and justify their own opinions. All other students will take Core RE (as is required by the government) and will study 6 philosophical and ethical topics across the 2 years.

Current Syllabuses:
Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies A: (8062) (AQA)
Year 11 GCSE Religious Studies A: (8062) (AQA)

Thomas Watkins
Head of Psychology & Sociology/RE Teacher/Politics
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Kashif Abbas
Head of Religious Education, Philosophy and Ethics
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Anjuli Riley
RE and Humanities Teacher / School Achievement Leader – Soyinka
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