Music News

The London Philharmonic Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall

On Tuesday 3rd November the Year 10 music students - and a good number of enthusiastic Year 9s - jumped on a coach and headed off to London to see the London Symphony Orchestra perform at the Royal Festival Hall. 

The occasion was the annual Brightsparks concert in which musical extracts studied at GCSE are performed and analysed by the experts.

Traffic was horrendous and we nearly jumped off at a nearby Tube station but got there, scurrying urgently into the frantic bossanova rhythms of Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story. Once in our seats we were treated to a truly dynamic performance of a wide range of pieces, all sharing a link to the plays of Shakespeare.

The pupils were superbly well-behaved but once back on the coach; singing was - of course - de rigueur.


On Wednesday 4th November the Year 10 music students held their first concert of solo and ensemble performances. Staff present considered it to be one of the best of recent years given the breadth of styles represented and the consistently high standard.

The Drama Studio became the scene of an intimate soiree at which sounds from the classical repertoire filled the air, before being re-imagined as a sweaty nightclub at which impressively dexterous rock guitarists did their deafening thing.

All involved spoke briefly to introduce their performances and many were to be found answering questions from delighted audience members once the show was over.

The concert was recorded and, once marked; pupils may choose to submit these recordings as GCSE coursework. However, many more opportunities will be given for pupils to either improve their performances or develop new repertoire.

Our thanks go to all that attended.