Learn language, learn life!

The Modern Foreign languages (MFL) curriculum offers opportunities for students to:

• Develop essentials skills such as confidence in speaking, teamwork and problem solving.
• Learn about the cultures of countries where the language is spoken.

Course Overview:
In Year 7 all students learn French. 

In years 8 and 9  everyone continues with French with many having the opportunity to learn German as well.

In years 10 and 11 students can study French or German or may choose both languages further developing listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Languages at Key Stage 3
In years 7 to 9 we emphasis the National Curriculum skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. 

In French we use Studio textbooks and in German we use Stimmt.

Students enjoy a variety of tasks in languages lessons every week and have plenty of time to establish  essential learning skills by exploring the language in a variety of texts, building detailed responses to communicate effectively and developing vocabulary. In addition pupils can take the opportunity  to improve their independent learning skills with our interactive resources.

Languages at GCSE
Students follow the AQA GCSE examination course with all examinations taking place in the Spring/Summer of year 11.

Listening and reading (each 25% of final mark):
Understanding a variety of texts in the target language. Answering in the target language and English. Translating from the target language into English.

Speaking ( 25% of final mark):
Role play, photocard and general conversation.

Writing (25% of final mark):
2 or 3 pieces of writing. Translation from English into the target language.

Angela Fincham
Faculty Leader Modern Languages
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Modern Languages Teacher
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Marion Gill
Modern Languages Teacher
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Modern Languages Teacher, School Achievement Leader (Franklin House), WRLE and Careers Leader, Primary Liaison Leader
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