“English is vital for communicating with others in school and in the wider world, and is fundamental to learning in all curriculum subjects. In studying English, students develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing that they will need to participate in society and employment. Students learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively and to communicate with others confidently and effectively.

Literature in English is rich and influential. It reflects the experiences of people from many countries and times and contributes to our sense of cultural identity. Students learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of stories, poetry and drama as well as non-fiction and media texts, gaining access to the pleasure and world of knowledge that reading offers. Looking at the patterns, structures, origins and conventions of English helps students understand how language works. Using this understanding, students can choose and adapt what they say and write in different situations, as well as appreciate and interpret the choices made by other writers and speakers.”

The National Curriculum for England

English with Mrs Hayward
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A wide range of enrichment activities is available, including:


English offers opportunities for students to:

The English Department

English is taught by eight subject specialists at The Netherhall School and Sixth Form Centre, all of whom teach across the full age and ability range. All members of the English Department are passionate about the subject and keen to find creative ways to share their enthusiasm with students, both inside the classroom and in extra-curricular activities. We have strong links with the Faculty of Education at Cambridge University and have earned an excellent reputation for our training and support of PGCE English students.

Year 6/7 Transition

Our Year 6 into Year 7 transition unit offers an exciting opportunity for all Year 6 students coming to Netherhall to prepare themselves for English at secondary school. Our unit encourages students to write a short letter about themselves as well as reading a poem and writing one themselves. Their Year 6 transition work is completed in new exercise books which they continue to use in Year 7.

Key Stage 3 English

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students can expect to explore a wide range of literary, non-literary and media texts ranging from Shakespeare plays to ‘The Simpsons’. Picture 3Students begin to explore the ways in which writers create effects and convey meanings within their texts and are challenged to extend their own writing styles by considering how to write for different purposes and audiences. Speaking and listening skills are developed through small group and class discussion as well as individual presentations, for example, delivering a ‘Newsround’ style report to their classmates.

Assessment within English is ongoing throughout the year and students are regularly assessed using the ‘Assessing Pupil Progress’ criteria introduced by QCA. Students receive positive feedback and targets in the three areas of reading, writing and speaking and listening which help them to successfully identify how they can make progress and improve upon their current attainment.

GCSE English and English Literature

All students are entered for two GCSE courses: English Language and English Literature. We use the WJEC specifications for both courses. Written controlled assessments comprise 40% of the GCSE English Language mark and 25% of the GCSE English Literature mark. During Years 10 and 11 students study a range of texts, from Shakespeare plays to transcripts of real life conversations. They learn to develop sophisticated skills of written expression in a range of styles and for a variety of audiences. A further 20% of the mark for GCSE English Language is awarded for speaking and listening, and over the course students have opportunities to develop their skills in group discussion, individual presentation and dramatic role-play.

English at A Level
The English Department at Netherhall offers three AS/A2 courses: English Literature, a combined English Language and Literature course, and Creative Writing. All are popular choices and we usually run three groups each year.

Sean Dooley
Senior Teacher of English and shared Head of English Faculty
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Caroline Powell
Head of English Faculty (shared with Sean Dooley)
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Catriona Sherrit
2nd in English Faculty (Shared with K.Barker)
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Katherine Barker
English - 2nd in Department
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Helen Parfect
Assistant Principal
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Alison Binney
English Teacher
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Emma Hayward
English Teacher / Deputy Director of The Oakes College
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Lisa Morrison
English Teacher / School Achievement Leader - Davies / Behaviour Lead
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