KS4 EAL Revision

English As a Second Language

You can find links for past papers; suitable articles for expaning your vocabulary; listening practise, grammar exercies as well as exam tips for each of the different question types.

Useful websites and links for EAL – Cambridge iGCSE English as a Second Language

• For past papers – select iGCSE – English – English as a Second Language


• For Exam tips - See the Learner’s Guide on the Student Drive R:

The websites listed below are useful resources to help you study for your Cambridge IGCSE. Please note that there are no websites which are specifically for the Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language course. The recommended sites below are therefore useful for practising the main skills that you will need to do well in the examinations, and to keep you up-to-date with some of the topics and articles you can expect to read and discuss.


Useful for news articles, interactive listening activities, an updated daily grammar exercise, and word quizzes.


Interesting articles on topical subjects for reading comprehension, improving spelling and getting ideas for speaking.


The British Council’s main learning English as a Second, or Foreign Language site. Lots of activities, designed to suit the different levels of language ability. It also has particularly useful grammar exercises, as well as advice for exam listening and speaking.


Although mainly concerned with revision for GCSE English, there are useful exercises for Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language – e.g. reading non-fi ction/information texts, writing in different styles, exam advice.


Free resources for learners and an ‘Ask the Teacher’ forum.


This is good for listening practice on current topics, with questions based on the listening.


Follow the link to the Student Zone for interactive exercises, listening articles and vocabulary building.


A completely free site, containing lots of appropriate activities. Designed for teenage learners. It also puts you in touch with other learners around the world.


Use this site to keep in touch with current and international issues. There are lots of topics – many of which are common themes that you will read about, hear, and discuss in your examinations.


Free online lessons and a community forum to keep you in touch with other learners of English.