School Re-Opening

School Re-Opening

Information and Guidance for September School Re-Opening

The following information is correct at the time of publishing, please check this page of the website regularly as the information will be updated as the guidance from the government and Public Health England is reviewed.

Our overall aim is to provide a full timetable of lessons in a safe environment from the first week in September, although we will have a staggered start for some year groups.  Our priorities are;

1. The safety of all children and staff
2. The best education for every child
3. A positive social and developmental experience for every child

In line with Government guidance, we aim to form year group ‘bubbles’, located in specified areas of the school.  With the support and co-operation of all the students will try to distance each year group from other year group although complete isolation will not be possible.
Our current plan involves the following;

• Students will be expected to wash their hands regularly either with soap and water or hand gel.  This will be provided.
• Start times will vary depending on which year group your child is in.  This will allow those who use public transport to avoid peak hour travel.  It will also avoid an overcrowding at the school gate. 
• Break and lunches will be restricted to allow students to collect their food and visit the toilets before returning to their designated areas.
• Where possible, we will use the generic classrooms.  Specialist laboratories or other workshop space will be used when needed to deliver the curriculum.  This will minimise contact with other year groups.
• Equipment should not be shared and so we will encourage students to make sure they have their own learning material.

We understand that the information above does not contain the level of detail required at the present time, we are still in the process of formulating and testing our re-opening plans to ensure that the students and staff are kept safe and we are able to continue to deliver the best education for all our students.

Further detailed information regarding the re-opening will be sent to you via email and will be updated on the website as soon as information is available.

Updated information with regard to school opening can be found here 
Information with regard to the use of face masks can be found here

We appreciate your patience and support with this very complex set of circumstances.

If you have any specific questions regarding SEND please contact the SENCO on the following email address