Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

Information regarding how School and Families can work most effectively together

To support the safety and welfare for all our students and staff and to ensure complete transparency of our expectations we have produced an updated ‘Home-School agreement’ that clarifies the expectations for all staff, parents and students. The ‘Home-School agreement’ clearly states the expectations for the conduct of all stakeholders in school, these will be available for you on the new school intranet site and displayed in rooms in school. We expect all parents and students to “sign” to say they agree to these expectations – this will be an electronic signing via the new website.
In addition to the ‘standard’ behaviour expectations there is another COVID-19 specific ‘Home-School agreement’ which will support and clarify expectations relating to the pandemic and complement the general ‘Home-School agreement. Both agreements must be signed by all stakeholders.

The school treats the welfare of all staff and students as the highest priority, particularly now during the COVID-19 pandemic. This determination to keep everyone safe is reflected in the approach the government and local authority are also taking and as such school have been told to take robust action to a) ensure all students are safely in school and learning b) that the safety of staff and students is preserved. To this end from September 2020, we have been instructed to pass on information regarding any attendance queries to the Educational Welfare Officers and that if a student is unable to keep themselves or other members of the Netherhall learning community safe their in-school learning may withdrawn until such time as safety plan has been agreed for their conduct in school.

I hope that you will agree with me that the robust action we are taking as a school in proportionate to the task of keep all of us safe and that you will support your child and the school in meeting these expectations.

Click here for The Home School Agreement

Click here for the Covid-19 Specific Home School Agreement