Covid-19 Annex

At Netherhall we continue to adapt our practice in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our students by continually re-evaluating our teaching and learning, one element of which is the behaviour policy. You may recall that two years ago we had a very successful focus on mobile phone use during the school day and last year our focus was around uniform and I hope you will agree with me that there was a significant improvement in the standard of uniform across the school. These high expectations will remain in force in the future.

However, in the post-lockdown days we need to continue to follow the government advice and be very mindful of the increased risks of transmission of COVID-19 when we are all back in school in September. To this end the focus of the academic year 2020-2021 will be on behaviour and attendance.

The school is working very hard to ensure that any risks are minimised by the way we operate in the autumn term and as such your children will notice some significant changes to the way we operate as a school. Further details about these expectations will be sent to you throughout the summer break when they are confirmed or as guidance changes. However, there are some concrete changes that we know will be in place for the autumn term. These include, but are not limited to:

• Restrictions on access to all areas of the site – students will be in “bubbles” and they will not be allowed to mix with children from different “bubbles” during the school day so there will be areas that are out of bounds to students in the autumn term that there accessible this year

• A one-way system will be in place for movement around the school. This will allow students to access the school facilities such as specialised classrooms (Art, PE etc.), the dining facilities and toilets, whilst minimising face-to-face contact with other students

• Staggered start and finish times to all aspects of the school day including breaks and lunches, again, minimising face-to-face contact with other students

You can view the Behaviour Policy here