Student Engagement

Student Engagement

At Netherhall, we encourage students across all Key Stages to take on roles that extend their leadership skills. The opportunities afforded the pupils are as follows:

There are Student Forums for each house group, which consist of two democratically elected students from each Form. The Student Forum meet each half term to discuss a variety of issues, some of which are chosen by the students and some of which are raised by members of staff. The Student Forums have given the elected students an excellent opportunity to develop their listening and communication skills.

We also have specific Forums that students can choose to join such as the Anti-Bullying Forum, the Sports Forum and the Art Forum. The students, who are part of these groups, have been responsible for organising events, delivering assemblies and raising the awareness of key issues.

Other leadership opportunities are provided by faculties.  In Year 9, students can become Sports Leaders or Languages Leaders. Students also have the chance to represent the different subjects at Open Evenings and other events.

Our vertical tutoring system also affords other opportunities for student engagement: older students can act as mentors to younger students, and various projects throughout the year encourage forms to work together developing a range of skills (such as communication, problem-solving and enterprise).