Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Netherhall wants all its students to feel happy and secure. We have a well-developed pastoral care system and staff genuinely care about the students as individuals. We encourage students to assume and enjoy responsibility as Duty Students and through our Student Ambassador and Leadership schemes. Our highly skilled staff work closely with students, monitoring their progress to ensure they achieve their potential. 

School Achievement Leaders

Students are divided into 4 houses (Davies, Franklin, Hobbs and Soyinka).  Each house is led by one our School Achievement Leaders and supported by a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  These Leaders, in close collaboration with the pastoral suppport team and form tutors, co-ordinate and monitor the academic and pastoral needs of students from Year 7 to Year 11.

The Form Tutor

Students are placed in a vertical form group with students from Years 7 to 11.  The Fom Tutor, supported by a form mentor is responsible for their day-to-day welfare and academic progress which is closely monitored. The Form Tutor plays a vital role in delivery guidance and a programme of tutorials.

Student Voice

We encourage our students to play an active part in the running of the school through a variety of student councils.  Students also have opportunities to engage with school issues via projects and activities during tutor time.  

Partnership with Parents

We are a warm and welcoming community which places a high importance on working with families and getting to know each of our students as individuals.

How does it work?