Artsmark goals:

Goal 1: Talent and artistic excellence are thriving and celebrated

England is regarded as a pre-eminent centre for artistic excellence.

Goal 2: More people experience and are inspired by the arts

The arts are at the centre of people’s lives – more people are involved in arts in their communities and are enriched and inspired by arts experiences.

Goal 3: The arts are sustainable, resilient and innovative

Collaborative and networked, the arts are known for resilience, innovation and their contribution to the nation’s reputation and prosperity.

Goal 4: The arts leadership and workforce are diverse and highly skilled

The diversity of the arts workforce reflects the diversity of society and artistic practice in England. Outstanding arts leaders play a wider role in their communities and nationally.

Goal 5: Every child and young person has the opportunity to experience the richness of the arts

Children and young people have the best current and future artistic lives they can have. They are able to develop their artistic capabilities and engage with, and shape, the arts.