Student Comments

Student Comments

"Netherhall is an amazing school which has so many different nationalities that come from all over the world."

"I myself speak French. From this, we learn about so many different cultures and it makes the journey through secondary school a lot more fun".

"Netherhall students are always so enthusiastic about their learning. There are many opportunities for us at Netherhall."

"All the teachers are very enthusiastic about what they do. This means they have loads of different ideas that are unique."

"EAL helped me a lot with my English punctuation, grammar and vocabulary. It has been a great privilege to be a part of the EAL classes."

"If every single lesson every teacher makes sure you feel happy and comfortable and that you aren't left out in their lesson."

"It's great how many clubs you can go to, no matter what your interests are. It has pushed me to branch out and try new things from hockey to Latin."

"There are lots of our-of-school trips like the Pleasurewood Hills trip, the Christmas panto and the Science museum. I really enjoyed these."

"Netherhall has amazing facilities which make learning much easier and more enjoyable.. we are very lucky to belong to a school such as Netherhall."

"The best thing about Netherhall is the friendly staff and teachers there are who will help you with all of your problems and questions."

"There are so many opportunities for the Arts here. I like music, art and drama."

"Netherhall has some great teachers who make the lessons really enjoyable."

"There are some great clubs at Netherhall, I love the music."

"Hockey Club in the winter term was a whole new experience and I loved it."

"Netherhall has a great sports centre - I play Badminton." 

"Teachers encourage us to be mature and independent."

"I like the Atrium Building because it is a nice environment to work in." 

"The food in the canteen is hot and tasty."

"For the Evening of Dance, we choreographed our own dance, selected our music and chose our costumes."

"Netherhall has great facilities like the Astroturf pitch, tennis courts and cricket nets. The teachers are also very friendly and are always helping."

"I love how Netherhall encourages you to do different things."

"We go on lots of trips; the lessons are fun and I have enjoyed making models."

"Netherhall has enabled me to expand my social and study skills which are beneficial for the future. I have made many new friends and developed my abilities. Coming here has made me a confident and independent person, ready for university."